Friday, February 29, 2008

Here is my tip for the day, we just heard from Sarah! She was stressing out..I mean REALLY stressing out. I said are you okay Sarah? how are your plans coming along? she is having a destination wedding here in Waikiki. She replied by saying her planner was a bit un-responsive! Panic!

Here is my advise that I shared with her, take a few minutes, okay it may take you an hour. Send your coordinator or your wedding planner an email. I would write a nice little note with as many details as you know. I mean I want you to state exactly what you expect...maybe you could start your email with.."I know you have a lot of weddings so I just want to be sure we are on the same page! Here are the things that I want for my special day.." I am a firm believer that if things are in black and white there is a lot less room for error. So anything that you have discussed write it down. White napkins, white table cloth, 3 votives centered on each table, cocktails on the veranda, full bar excluding top shelf liqueurs, passed appetisers- cheese squared, mini-quiche, dinner service beginning at 7pm, Cake table right side of room.....I mean list it all girls...It is important that you let your coordinator know what you want, they cannot read minds so help them along. They are professionals but if you are worried about their performance take the worry out of the equation by laying it all out for them.

I was in constant contact with the catering manager at the Moana Surfrider, and with the head of the church I was married in. And you know what, it worked, the day was flawless. I will continue to post pictures of my own wedding, hope it will inspire you!

Good luck Sarah and all you other brides, write it down sweeties!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today we are working on Jen's wedding, she bought fans and pearl tourbine shells from us, her entire theme is built around the pearl tourbine shells...look at her invitations! These are the prettiest I have ever seen! and her programs! I will post a picture of her favors as soon as they are done...I hope this inspires you! Nalani

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Saturday. We have been getting so many brides inquiring about the Island of Lanai...I wanted to give you some info about it. We do wedding on both resorts there. Lanai is small but there is a nice variation of climate. This offers two really different areas for a wedding. We have a wedding going on there today...Congratulations to our bride Tilina...she is getting married at the Lodge at Koele, it is a cool beautiful retreat without a palm tree in site. Here is a description from their website...

Welcome to Lana'i
On the private Hawaiian island of Lana'i, a romantic country manor waits hidden within the dramatic central highlands. Envision an outdoor wedding amidst manicured lawns, gardens and towering Cook Island pines. Savour peaceful tranquillity, along with two world-ranked golf courses and exciting adventures on land and at sea.

I think the key word here is Romantic. My husband and I went for a weekend and we never turned on the TV. We had champagne on the lawn while we were lawn bowling (!) and spent the evening playing pool. Strolled through the landscaped property chasing Peacocks and quacking back at the geese. Yes, I am one of those that has to talk to all the animals...I think we held hands the entire weekend...There is a wonderful peacefulness and calm that takes over you on this property. You can expect the highest level of service after all it is a Four Seasons...

Need help planning your wedding day, here is the link that will help... Cheers and high marks to Akiko Suzuki who is working with our current bride!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Aloha...Auntie Nalani's Voice

Aloha from Paradise, if you have not seen my main website click here:
I have owned my cookie company Auntie Nalani's Cookies and Hawaii Chip Cookies for about 10 years. We have been making beautiful hawaiian wedding favors for about 7, my how time flies! Over the years we have gotten thousands of calls about everything wedding under the sun. I thought that a blog would really help some brides! So here is your chance to ask your questions. I will in the meantime try to purge my mind of all the questions we have gotten.

I will start with letting you know I have helped brides for years, I have always come back to the same beginning and ending is your wedding!

So here are the cardinal rules...Have fun, and don't let someone else rain on your parade.

I hope you enjoy the postings to come, you are welcome to send me a question. meltinyourmouthcookies(at) (Hey, this is a great trick, if you are posting anything publicly you should type out the @ sign....many web programs search blindly for email addresses and they can easily become a spam target so if you type it out you are less likely to have that problem!

Anyways, I will post lots of pictures for you, I will be starting with some great past weddings we have done, share with you the ideas from all the brides we have met...very clever girls...

I will also take you along my own wedding journey and tell you about my romance, planning and wedding was perfect of course! So enjoy!

Cheers. Nalani