Monday, March 31, 2008

Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss!

You probably have heard of her before...Ah yeah, one of the most fabulous wedding planners out there. She does Celebrity weddings like no one you can have a bit of her expertise...Come to Red Pineapple ASAP as we just got in a whole bunch of her great goodies for YOUR wedding!

Photo albums, planner, folders, bridal bingo...send your bridesmaids in for some great ideas!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Beach Theme Favors

Seems like the colors have been changing, we have been getting alot of requests for navy blue and chocolate brown so I wanted to pull up some nice combinations for you to peek at...Happy Planning from Auntie Nalani

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Day Survival Kit

From Red Pineapple... (call 808-593-2733 to get yours!)
You are going to love this a great thing to give to your bride or groom...and if you are the is a great thing to send to the groom the morning of the wedding, may take the edge off all those nerves! Here is a description of the bride version...Filled with a convenient collection of emergency essentials for the blushing bride, this essentials kit makes the perfect gift for: bridal party or bridal gift - bride to be. The kit can be re-used after the wedding for honeymoon, to keep at the office and filled with practical every day items.With these essentials by her side, a bride can be prepared for virtually any emergency on her wedding day and beyond. Includes 30 items: hair spray, static guard, pins, bobby pins, super glue, kleenex, breath mints, tampons, deodorant, hem tape, straw, sewing kit, toothpaste and much, much more! The groom version includes black socks...extra back up wedding bands (just incase...!)

So cute!